vor-tex api platform

A no code platform for robust and secure managed APIs

Through our platform, people optimize resources by being able to deliver productive high performance APIs in minutes instead of weeks.


The (not always) developer's Swiss Army Knife for APIs

The workflow in Vor-Tex allows experienced developers or no code enthusiasts to take their ideas further.

Connect to data sources

Reads and writes multiple data sources.

Web Services

Read or write on REST/json and SOAP/xml services.


Execute CRUD operations on databases (ElasticSearch, MongoDB, PostgreSQL, SQL Server and Oracle).


Reads from files uploaded to the platform, hosted on the Internet or Dropbox. CSV, TXT, XLSX, ODS and KLM/KMZ formats are supported.

Elastic Search

It uses our built-in ElasticSearch instance as an intermediate database to persist and read documents.

HTML Tables

Reads from HTML tables in web pages, even those that require prior navigation through forms.

Mapping and variables

Map any connection parameters to your API parameters.

Data selection

Selects rows and columns on the answer given by the data source.

Transforms formats and data types

Normalize date and number formats, add or edit headers.

Calculations and aggregations

Apply grouping and perform calculations (SUM, COUNT, AVG, SUB, DIV) on rows and columns.


Select rows by applying one or more filters associated to fixed values or parameters of your API.


Configure validation rules for your API parameters.


Perform online searches on other data sources.

Transform your data

Select, transform and enrich your data without ETL processes.

Build Managed APIs

Build, Publish and Manage APIs.

Multi environment

Enables runtime environments for development, testing and production.

Service Levels Objectives (SLO)

Set service level objectives (SLOs) and configure the monitoring of your APIs.


Set consumption limits on your APIs and methods.


Adjusts the cache to improve response times.

Output templates

Reuse or customize templates to refine your method outputs in multiple formats.

Error handling

Standardize error messages, with preset or customized output templates.

Data dictionary

Easily define data dictionaries to complement your API documentation.

Context variables

Manage and apply context variables on your methods parameters.


Configure the use of OIDC and OAuth 2.0 to authorize API accesses.

Life Cycle (Versions and revisions)

Create and publish versions and revisions to control changes and their impact.

Developer Portal

Developers can register on the portal to access the APIs.

Customize the Developer Portal with your branding and content

Your APIs are automatically documented as you configure them and can be exported to OpenAPI.


Make API changes instantly available to run in multiple environments.

Access management

Delegate and revoke access permissions to your APIs.

Publish and share your APIs

In Vor-Tex there are no deployment processes. You simply publish.

Control all your APIs

Control who, how, and when your APIs are accessed.

User administration

Manage administrators, publishers and editors of your account.

Domains and subdomains

Customize the developer portal domains and API runtime environments.


Organize your resources and APIs into categories to maintain order and searchability.


Analyze the statistics and evolution of your APIs consumption.


Monitor API availability and response times.


View audit logs detailing API requests and responses.

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